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Shiromani Institute

We are committed to provide you the best in the area whether it is
the classroom atmosphere ,the quality of lectures ,the study material ,the test series and the information.

Shiromani Institute has its legacy of over more than 21 years and was established in the year 2000. Mr. Ravi Kumar, a mechanical graduate from Delhi has pioneered this renowned educational institution with his progressive view and toil. Shiromani has its magnificent origination as a forum for school entrance examinations like Sainik school, RMS, Navodaya and RIMC with an aim to facilitate the ideal launch pad for the school entrance aspirants. Our institution focuses on achieving the targeted goals to crack the best opportunities for our aspirants rather than providing mere coaching classes. We aim to accelerate the best out of the children for the competitive. We believe in every child’s individuality and focus on the individual needs. We have expert faculty with years of experience to provide the best assistance to the students to crack the exam of their desired school entrance. Shiromani institution has its branches all over the country and known for providing the best online classes for school entrance examinations.

We produce top rankers in the field of entrance examinations and Shiromani has its own history known for it. We tailor every student for their best execution. Our institution has left a remarkable impression and has hit new benchmarks of excellence. We aim to help our students at every step of their journey. We have different and idealistic methodology and approach with our subject expert faculty to sharpen the IQ levels of our aspirants. We are a national level leading institution that inculcates the best and quick writing skills with cognitive development to excel the entrance examination to pass them with flying colours. “Our efforts and your dedication makes every impossible task possible”. We believe in hard work executed in smart ways to deal and compete with today’s modern era demands and quick results. We target to build the analytical power among our aspirants to develop them as quick learners who can adapt and fight against any kind of complexities and challenges with their comprehensive and retention abilities over the school entrance examinations.


Why Choose Our Institution?

Providing time bound strategy for study compilation, revision, analysis & writing skills as per requirement of examination. Logical analysis of facts.


At Shiromani Institute, we have well-qualified and experienced teachers who impart necessary knowledge and proper guidance for the all-round professional growth of individual students..


Where students and teachers interact with each other. We also provide 24 hours. recorded with classes. We also provide study material.


Exhaustive and impeccable study material..

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